Fulbright in Portugal

Steve Doig in Lisbon August-December 2010

Lisbon skyline

Fulbright Ignite

While my Cronkite School faculty colleagues gather Monday for a pre-semester retreat, I’ll be on a plane from Phoenix to Philadelphia, and then from there to Lisbon!

One thing I’ll miss at the retreat is a so-called Ignite session, where each participant gives a talk using 20 slides, with each slide on the screen for just 15 seconds. I think it’s a great concept. With only 300 seconds to make your point, you are forced to be succinct and direct.

I won’t be there to hear the presentations, but I decided I wanted to participate, at least virtually. So I threw together an Ignite talk on “How to get a Fulbright!” in hopes that some of my colleagues will be intrigued enough to apply for a fellowship themselves someday. I built my 20 slides using Powerpoint, then set up the slide show timings so each slide got about 15 seconds. Finally, I recorded the slideshow and my voiceover comments using ScreenFlow screen capture software, and then trimmed out a few seconds of dead air here and there.

The result is this little movie…

My “Fulbright Ignite” talk to Cronkite faculty

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