Beginners Guide to Apple Watch Bands

Beginners Guide to Apple Watch Bands

We all know just how popular apple watches have been ever since they were introduced a few years back in 2015. These watches have multiple functions that made their popularity go off the charts. However, a good watch needs good bands as well. There are so many different types of bands that go with apple watches. If you just got one and want a new band to go with your watch then this article is what you need to read as it will guide you and tell you everything there is to know about apple watch bands.

There are a variety of apple watch bands from which you can choose, some of the popular ones are discussed in this article.

Silicone Band

The soft silicone bands are made purely to provide breathability to the users. It has air holes throughout the length of the band. The entire band is obviously made of silicon which makes it soft, however, it has stainless steel buckles which keeps it in place. If comfort is your primary requirement then this is the band that you are looking for, another plus point is that it is economical and fits perfectly on your wrist.

Sport Band

Instead of getting the official apple watch sport band you can get any other silicone band and it will serve the purpose of a sport band. The official one costs around 49 US dollars while you can get any other band for less than 10 US dollars. Among all the sport bands the IYOU sport band is considered as the best one and matches the original. Besides that, it is considerably cheap as it starts with around 5 US dollars, although it depends on which model you are getting.