How to Deal With Dirty Carpets

How to Deal With Dirty Carpets

While some people prefer wooden and marble floors, others prefer carpeted floors for their cozy feel. Carpets look and feel great and if you keep them clean, your home will feel really fresh and comfortable. However, if you don’t keep your carpets clean, then not only will they just look horrible but they’ll also affect your health negatively. Breathing problems and allergies because of dirty carpets are not unheard of, you know.

If your home has carpeted floors, then it’s important that you understand the things that are necessary to keep them clean. On this page, we’ll walk you through some of the things you could do to clean your carpets at different levels of their dirtiness.

Slightly Dusty Carpets

Ideally, you should clean your carpets with a vacuum cleaner once a week at the very least. If you have pets at home, you’ll want to clean your carpets using a vacuum cleaner with brushes meant to pull out pet hair.

Visibly Dirty Carpets

If your carpet visibly looks filthy then it’s time to call in a carpet cleaning Clapham. You’ll need to have your carpets washed and dried by a professional service. They use chemicals that nourish your carpet’s fibers as well. As a result, your carpets will feel a lot softer and fresher than they did before. You should get your carpets washed professionally at least once every year.

Really Dirty And Damaged Carpets

If your carpet has seen way too many stains and damage over the years then maybe it’s time that you invest in a new carpet? A newer carpet will be the healthiest option for you at this point because no matter how much you clean a worn out carpet, it won’t undo the damage it’s seen.