How You Can Support Students Without Having Internet at Home

How You Can Support Students Without Having Internet at Home

There are many children around the country that do not have proper access to the internet. While some have limited access, there is also a large number of students who absolutely have no access to internet whatsoever.

This does not mean that the students who do not have the proper internet access do not have any potential. As a matter of fact, most of them are brimming with potential, and it certainly does happen to be a great thing.

There are a lot of reasons why internet matters a lot for kids in the modern day and age; it is a place full of information available. However, without having the internet, the kids are susceptible to lack of researching and networking skills. Additionally, students might find it difficult to actually pursue higher education, looking for jobs, or having inadequate qualifications for the job.

So, if you are dealing with kids who have limited or no access to the internet, below are some ways you can actually help them become better students.

Increased School Involvement

When you are pairing students to work in groups, the one thing that you can make sure is that you should always pair students who are good with technology to students who are not as good. This will ensure that those who are good with technology and computers can influence and help those students who do not have constant access to these factors.

Talk to The Parents

Create a list of places that offer internet and computer access in the town or the city, hand the list to the parents, and ask them to take the child to those places every weekend or so. This will definitely help the students learn these technical skills more easily.

Teach Technological Studies

Even if your course has absolutely no link to technology with the only exception being that technology is just necessary for the kids, you can start teaching tech studies before or after the regular classes.

Make Assignments That Revolved Around Tech

Another thing that you can do is make sure that you make assignments that revolve around the use of technology. Meaning that it influences the student in one way or another to make use of the technology.

Make It a Norm

Most students, especially the young ones have the tendency to actually start thinking of themselves as lesser beings for not having internet access. Make it clear that it is normal to not have internet. It is statistically normal too, so there is nothing wrong with it.

Integration of Project Based Learning

Unless of course the parents have a reason that they do not want the internet access at their home, help the students address this situation on their own. This can be done through project-based learning in which they can start writing proposals, or even ask local businesses or charities for small donations that will help them gain access to the internet.