Two Story House Plans

Two Story House Plans

While buying or building a house, the first of many things that you consider is its size. Size not only includes the area of the house but also the levels. You mostly come across two options that include: a one story house or a two story house. This article discusses a few reasons why it is better to buy a two story house.

One of the many advantages of a two story plan is that is has less cost per square to build a structure. The foundation, roof and rafters are some of the most expensive parts of building a house. Having a two story plan means you will have to spend less on these things and you will have less roof area to maintain. Similarly, you will spend less on fuel since less outdoor and wall areas are exposed to the weather. Moreover, since the plumbing and wiring will have less distance to travel, you will be saving a lot on your utility bills as well.

A two story house is not only eco friendly because it has a smaller footprint but it even allows you to have better views, greater privacy and a larger outdoor space. If you have kids, it is best if your house has a good door outdoor space. This way they will spend their energy on productive things rather than fighting with each other. Similarly, they will have a separate bedroom which is never a bad idea since they have to grow up eventually. If you prefer a one story house because its atheistic then it is about time you know that a two story house has a more versatile design with greater options.

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