How to Enable Windows 10 God Mode

How to Enable Windows 10 God Mode

God Mode is a hidden developer feature that has been available in some of the past versions of Windows. It provides you with access to the commands and applets from the Control Panel. Thus, the Windows Master Control Panel, or the God Mode, is a handy timing saving option that can prevent you from having to go through different websites and folders in order to look for the tools that you need.

Such useful services have been provided b companies that have devoted themselves to helping tier users in getting fruitful results from the technology they are using. An example of a good company is agrtech.

God Mode is a feature that’s loved by loads of developers and for Windows’ users who want more control over their computer. Furthermore, it is also helpful for any other person who would want array of command. But how do you set up God Mode in Windows 10?

The first thing to do is to make sure that you are signed into your Windows 10 account. By default, the account is supposed to have its necessary privileges and rights. You can go to your Settings to double click this.

After this, right click on an empty space on your Desktop and select the option for New Folder. Rename this file to ‘GodMode’. When you double click on the icon, a window will show you all the commands available. The options are laid out in a manner that you can go through the different categories.

You can easily search for different commands in the God Mode window. You can move the icon to any location, but it is advised for you to keep it on the Desktop, as it is most convenient. This is a really handy Windows secret that can hep you get more control over your computer.