Wear Jewelry That Actually Goes With Your Outfit

Wear Jewelry That Actually Goes With Your Outfit

People spend so much money on jewelry and end up pairing them with outfits that don’t complement them at all. If you’re going to spend so much money, better as well spend some time on browsing online about what goes best with what. Particular items of jewelry on look good with particular items of clothing. Some jewelry is made for casual outfits while others are made for formal outfits.

Casual Outfits

Casual outfits like denim jackets and plain T-shirts can be paired with any kind of detailed and delicate jewelry. If you’re wearing denim dress or a denim jacket and going to casual hangout, then you should definitely have some kind of delicate jewelry. What works perfectly with a denim jacket whose sleeves are always going to be rolled up are gold bracelets. Any gold jewelry will look good denim. You can also wear a short gold necklace with a small pendant.

Leather Jackets

They look extremely stylish as they are a statement clothing items. If you wear a huge diamond ring with a huge stud on it then it will definitely not look good. With a leather jacket, you should only wear simple but flashy and metal jewelry. It should plain and not shiny at all. Avoid wearing delicate stuff with these leather jackets because they won’t look good at all. You should try out huge rings or black earring as they will look perfect.

Blazers And Formal Attire

Most people spend too much time deciding what jewellery to wear before work time and thus get late to work. You should know that formal attire like blazers look perfect with gold hoop earrings. Try wearing necklaces with tow pendants as they look extremely stylish. You should definitely try new things too.