Why Screen Breaks Are Important For Students

Why Screen Breaks Are Important For Students

At this point, it is safe to say that students are more inclined towards online charter schools because they happen to have the right flexibility that helps them choose the programs they offer, as well as the timing.

Online schooling does seem interesting as it looks like it could give the students a chance to chase something else than education since they won’t have to sit in school all day. However, in many cases, students who are taking online schooling end up using the computer more often than those with traditional schooling, which means that they are spending more time on their computers.

Just like anyone else needing a break from all the normal habits that they are working on a daily basis, students, especially online students need to be away from the computer screens as well. Below, we discuss how a screen break can help students be better.

It Helps Improve Attention

This might come as a surprise to many people but the longer a student sits in front of a screen, the shorter their attention span becomes. According to research, the attention span reduces once an adolescent sits in front of a screen for more than 30 minutes. This means that a small break can certainly help the students get their focus and attention back.

Better Productivity

Since students cannot really retain their attention and focus for a long, once the 30-minute mark is crossed, the productivity also starts faltering. This is where the regular breaks play an important role because they allow the students to get rid of the excessive energy.

Increased Memory Retention

If you give time to students that they can use to actually digest the information and stuff they have just learned, they will have a much easier time retaining that information. Taking short breaks, and then getting back to revising the subject makes it easier for them when it comes to learning as well as making their memory better.

Lesser Stress

Needless to say, stress is a part of a student’s overall psyche. They can easily get overwhelmed, as well as stressed in this regard when they are taking a lot of information in without any breaks. When they finally decide to move away from the screen, they can get a chance to relax. Whether they do it through taking a short walk or listening to music, the options are certainly there for them to ponder upon.

Extrinsic Rewarding System

Breaks can be served as rewards, and they can also be motivating to the students to complete the work or assignment at hand as quickly as they possibly can, and have a break as well after that.

The 20-20-20 Rules as a Solution

The best solution is the 20-20-20 rule; it is rather simple. It only revolves around a single principle that states that after every 20 minutes, a student should look at something that is placed at 20 feet away, just for 20 seconds.

This is definitely something that helps a lot in giving the much-needed break to the student.